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The Sprott Tax Students' Association takes great pride in making our Tax Clinic 2023 experience simple for our clients.

To file your taxes with the tax clinic, you must do the following:

  1. Fill out our client intake form 

  2. Once you fill out this form, we will review it to determine the complexity of your tax return and determine whether it is within the scope of our tax clinic.

  3. You will receive an email by March 17th, 2023 indicating whether your tax return is simple enough to be filed at our tax clinic. This email will contain a link for you to select an appointment time with the tax clinic. Appointment slots will be between 12 PM to 4 PM from March 20th to March 24th, 2023.


Note: This year clinic will be completely in-person

The intake form will be available on March 1st

You will require the following to attend a tax clinic appointment

  • A SIN or ITN number (the same for your dependents if applicable)

  • A government-issued photo ID

  • All of your tax slips

  • Your most recent notice of assessment (if you have one)

Once your appointment is booked, you will need to scan all of your tax slips and ensure they are available for your appointment. For guidance on where to find your tax slips, you can refer to the Finding My Tax Slips page. Please note that it is your responsibility to provide us with all applicable documents.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to serve clients with the following situations:

  • Contractors, Self-employed (Example: Operating an Uber, running an Etsy store)

  • Rental/Property Income

​​Some examples of common tax slips include: 

  • T4 {from your employer(s)}

  • T4A {For any scholarships}

  • T2202 {any tuition expense for the year}

  • T5 {from your Bank(s)}

  • T4RSP {for any contributions made to your RRSP

  • Receipts for any of the following expenses:

    • Rent

    • Medical

    • Child care

    • Moving expenses

Please contact us for further assistance at

Disclaimer: The Tax clinic reserves the right to refuse service if we deem your return to be outside the scope of the Tax Clinic

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