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Meet the team

Paige Whelan


Paige is the President of STSA. She is a fourth-year commerce student concentrating in accounting and is excited to be working at STSA to bring more tax events to the Sprott and Carleton community. In her role she oversees the various portfolios of STSA and coordinates with other executives. She enjoys hiking, watching football, and reading in her spare time. 

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Matthew Roach

Executive Director

Matthew is the Executive Director of STSA and is a 4th year accounting student. In his role he is in charge of event planning, coordinating with the President to oversee the various portfolios of STSA. In his free time he enjoys watching and playing sports (Ottawa Senators, Denver Broncos) and just being involved in the Sprott community. 

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Fadi Syoufi

Vice President of Operations

Fadi is the Vice President of Operations for STSA as a second year commerce student doing a dual concentration in Finance and Management. In his role he takes on recruitment and operational tasks that ensure the success and fluidity of the STSA events heavily focusing on the Tax Clinic. In his free time he plays the occasional video games and works on his digital marketing agency.

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Alfred Wong

Vice President of Events

Alfred is the Vice President of Events for STSA and a 3rd year commerce student concentrating in accounting. In his role, he operates the workshops and panels organized by STSA by securing speakers and panellists for events while coordinating with the President and Executive Director. In his free time he enjoys late-night food runs and strolls, and watching basketball.

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Christopher Jordan

Vice President of Finance

Christopher is the VP of Finance of STSA. He is in his third year of the Commerce Program, concentrating in Accounting and Business Analytics. He is in charge of obtaining funding for the operations of the organization and for making a yearly budget to ensure STSA doesn’t overspend. He is an avid lover of movies, with over 1,000 films watched in his lifetime, his favourites include “The Nice Guys“ (2016), “The Big Short” (2015), “Whiplash” (2014), and “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” (2022).

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Pham Vo Minh Anh

Vice President of Marketing

Minh Anh (Alex) is the VP of Marketing of STSA. She is in the third year of the Commerce Program, concentrating in Marketing. She is in charge of leading the marketing activities of STSA, including managing the club's social media account and developing the marketing roadmap. She loves cooking and photography, even though she is still an amateur in both fields.

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Valentina Viduka

Director of Marketing

Valentina is the Director of Marketing for STSA. She is a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student concentrating in Marketing. She is responsible for overseeing marketing activities, which includes managing the club’s social media accounts and helping to develop marketing campaigns. In her free time she enjoys reading and travelling.

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Allen John

Vice President of Relations

Allen is the Vice President of Relations. He is a second-year business student concentrating in accounting and finance. As VP Relations, his main responsibility is maintaining effective communication with external stakeholders for events. During his spare time, he enjoys running, soccer and ping pong.

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Benjamin McLellan-Campbell

Vice President of Strategy

Ben is an accounting student in the last semester of his Bachelor of Commerce program. As VP Strategy he is helping to develop a plan to assist international students through tax season and is advising the club on how to set-up this year’s tax clinic. Ben was the Founding President of STSA in 2021-22 and ran the tax clinic in 2020-2021 back when it was still a part of the Sprott Accounting Students’ Association (SASA). In his spare time, Ben enjoys biking, politics, and watching documentaries.

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Tess Bergmann

Director of Strategy

Therese (or Tess) is an accounting and history student currently in the post-baccalaureate diploma program for art history (don’t worry, the university doesn’t know what that is, either). The goal is to assist the VP Strategy, Ben, in tackling long-term STSA goals like supporting international students. Therese has participated in the club’s tax clinic since 2020-2021 and outside of Carleton is an avid oil painter, sculptor, and collector of art hobbies.

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