Meet the team

Benjamin McLellan-Campbell 


Ben is the President of the Sprott Tax Students’ Association (STSA). He is a fifth-year accounting student with a minor in Computer Science. He has been involved with organizing Carleton’s tax clinic since 2019 and is excited to continue working to expand it. In his spare time, Ben enjoys biking, listening to Spotify, and watching documentaries. 

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Paige Whelan

Executive Director

Paige is the Executive Director of STSA. She is a third-year commerce student concentrating in accounting and is excited to be working at STSA to bring more tax events to the Sprott community. She enjoys hiking, watching football, and reading in her spare time. 

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Christopher Jordan

Vice President of Operations

Christopher (or Chris) is the Vice President of Operations. He is a second year student concentrating in accounting who is in charge of running the upcoming tax clinic. In his free time he enjoys gaming (tabletop or video form), trivia, or just a nice cup of coffee with relaxing tunes.

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Abdelrahman Darwazeh

Vice President of Events

Abdelrahman (or Abdel) is the Vice President of Events. He is a third-year commerce student with a concentration in Marketing. Abdel likes to play sports, especially tennis and basketball. He strives to create amazing events and a successful team here at STSA.

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Matthew Roach

Vice President of Finance

Matthew is the Vice President of Finance for STSA for the 2021-2022 school year. He is a 3rd year Accounting student and his role is to ensure STSA finances stay organized and all transaction records are kept up to date. He is a big sports fan (Ottawa Senators and Denver Broncos) and is excited to help grow this new club.

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Pham Vo Minh Anh

Vice President of Marketing

Minh Anh (Alex) is the VP of Marketing of STSA. She is in the second year of the International Business Program, concentrating in International Trade and Marketing. She is in charge of leading the marketing activities of STSA, including managing the club's social media account and developing the marketing roadmap. She loves cooking and photography, even though she is still an amateur in both fields.

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Jingwen Sun

Vice President of Relations

Jingwen (Nina) is the Vice President of Relations for STSA. She is a second-year commerce student with a concentration in accounting. As VP Relations, her main responsibility is maintaining effective communication with external stakeholders for events. During her spare time, she enjoys hiking and traveling.

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Pavan Vijay Kumar

Vice President of Strategy

Pavan is the Vice President of Strategy on the team. He is a fifth-year commerce student pursuing a concentration in accounting with a minor in statistics. In his role, Pavan is in charge of overseeing and assisting with setting up the club and planning for future success. In his spare time, Pavan enjoys a variety of activities especially playing and watching sports like cricket and football (a.k.a soccer), doing art, and biking.

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