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Finding your Tax Slips

To file your taxes, you will first need to locate all of your tax slips. In general, anytime you get paid by an employer or receive a benefit/pension you should be issued a tax slip. You can find your tax slips through



Your employer should mail your employment-related tax slips (i.e. T4) to you by the end of February. If they have not done so, they should be able to provide them to you upon request.


Carleton Central

Your T2202 and T4A slips can be found through Carleton Central by following this guide. Note: a T2202 slip specifies how much tuition a student paid during the year and is necessary to apply for the tuition tax credit. A T4A slip will only be issued to Carleton students who received a scholarship.


Online Bank Account

If you have investments or interest income, you can find your T5 slip through your online bank account.


CRA My Account

 If you have a CRA My Account, then you can access your tax slips by logging in and clicking on "Tax information slips (T4 and more)". If you do not have a CRA My Account, then you can set one up with your SIN number, date of birth, postal code, and information from a prior year's tax return (i.e. what is on line 10100 of your 2022 tax return). 

This video will give you guidance on where to find your tax slips, will give you a walkthrough of how to use your CRA My Account, and will walk you through the process of setting up a CRA My Account if you don't already have one.

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